Why you should choose Mauritius!

The Mauritian economy has gone through various stages of economic transformation, transitioning from a sugar-based economy to a diversified and dynamic economic model. Leveraging on its geographic strategic location and impressive economic trajectory, Mauritius has successfully positioned itself as a regional hub.

Mauritius is a well-established business destination for investors seeking a secure investment climate, a conducive business environment, political stability, transparent regulations, high value-addition and an efficient financial ecosystem offering a plethora of services.

As an innovation-driven and knowledge-based economy, Mauritius is underpinned by a broad spectrum of sectors which offers excellent business opportunities in various fields: agro-industry, education, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, property developments and smart cities, ICT-BPO, life sciences, logistics, manufacturing, media and creative industries amongst others.

In its quest to become a high-income economy, Mauritius is actively attracting foreign investors to explore its thriving business environment and its unique lifestyle in a peaceful blend of cultures. In turn, investors acknowledge the numerous advantages and opportunities to set their businesses in Mauritius. The appeal and economic track-record of Mauritius exudes a sense of trust, stability and confidence which is recognized by the international community.

For instance, there are a number of compelling reasons that investors consider prior investing and living in Mauritius, notably:

  • Political stability: 1st in Africa for the Democracy Index 2017
  • Robust and independent legal system with the Privy Council as the ultimate court of appeal
  • Flat corporate tax rate of 15%
  • No inheritance tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • Double Taxation Agreements with 33 countries including the United Kingdom, France, South Africa
  • No exchange control
  • Excellent flight connectivity
  • Convenient time zone (GMT+4)