Who We Are

Founded on the proud history of Terra Group, Novaterra and its multi-disciplinary team of professionals provide property development services and are dedicated to creating value for its stakeholders by developing innovative, market-driven and integrated real estate projects.

Our aim is to bring to life the vision and ethos of Terra Group, where integration, diversification and sustainability inspire and shape the way we live, work and play. Leaning on the strong cultural heritage of Terra, Novaterra ambitions to provide the northern districts with fully integrated and aspirational developments that will sustain economic growth through entrepreneurship, whilst being socially and environmentally responsible.

Novaterra - Who we are

Our Heritage

Novaterra - Our heritage

Terra has been actively involved in the management and cultivation of the resources of Mauritius since 1838. From an essentially sugar-oriented company, Terra grew to become one of the leading and most respected groups in the region. The group owns some 7,000 hectares of land assets and now has interests in diverse sectors such as energy, brands, financial services and real estate. Novaterra has not only inherited from rich landscapes and natural resources, but also from Terra’s firm belief that development pairs with sustainability. We see a world where we can balance the development of people, society and the environment for a better and more secure future.

Management Team

Nicolas Eynaud - Novaterra

As a passionate team of professionals, we remain committed to maximizing customers’ experience through our continuous quest for delivering qualitative services and innovative products. Driven by customer satisfaction, our energy and motivation are focused to drive towards making every project enduring and successful.
Nicolas Eynaud
General Manager

Joel Couve de Murville

Joel Couve de Murville

Head of Sales & Marketing

Philippe Lincoln - Novaterra

Philippe Lincoln

Head of Facilities and Assets

Areff ATCHIA - Novaterra


Head of Finance

Jean-Philippe Desvaux De Marigny - Novaterra

Jean-Philippe Desvaux De Marigny

Head of Development

Harris Runghen - Novaterra

Harris Runghen

Head of Land Management



Novaterra - Competencies

Project Development and Finance

  • Project Concept
  • Feasibility Study and Financing
  • Urban Design
  • Project Administration

Project Management

  • Project Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Contract Administration
  • Design Coordination

Land Management

  • Permit and Regulatory
  • Cartography/GIS
  • Land Surveying

Property and Asset

  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Life Cycle Maintenance

Sales and Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Services
  • Leasing Services