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An ideal location on the Northern motorway of the island

With an ideal location on the Northern motorway of the island, Beau Plan Business District has been designed to meet the needs of all professionals, with a strong focus on efficiency.

Ideal for all types of businesses, Beau Plan is shaping an ideal new business destination where flexibility, quality of life and productivity are at the core of its development.

Master plan Business District

As from 0.31A

Size (m2)
Size (A)
C34.1 3,863 0.92 Available
C35.1 5,046 1.20 Option
C36.1 3,799 0.90 Available
Business District Showroom Plan

As from 0.57A

Size (m2)
Size (A)
C37.1 3,566 0.84 Available
C37.2 3,128 0.74 Available
C38.1 3,623 0.86 Reserved
C38.2 3,636 0.86 Reserved
C39.1 3,809 0.90 Available
C39.2 4,507 1.07 Available
C40.2 3,558 0.84 Available
C54.1 2,387 0.57 Option
C54.2 2,707 0.64 Option
C55.1 3,560 0.84 Available
C55.2 3,272 0.78 Available
C56.1 6,940 1.64 Option
C57.1 5,756 1.36 Option
Serviced Plots Business district

As from 0.33A

Size (m2)
Size (A)
D63.1 1,459 0.35 Option
D63.2 1,522 0.36 Option
D64.1 1,387 0.33 Option
D64.4 1,667 0.39 Available
SME Zone Business District
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