Novaterra Product: three bedroom apartment

When modernity meets serenity

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Our apartments were modeled as shared spaces, ideal for togetherness, communal living, and creating connections. This apartment makes for a cosy setting within a generous space. Designed in open-floor layouts, they combine an architecture that is functional, modern and stylish.

Affording a view of luxuriant nature, they offer a privileged living environment, particularly with open spaces that seamlessly connect the indoors and the outdoors, from the kitchen to the terrace.

Novaterra Product: Apartment 2 bedrooms
  • Total area: 118.4m²
  • Net internal area: 102.9m²
  • Master bedroom with bathroom: 23.5m²
  • Bedroom 2: 9.9m²
  • Bathroom 2: 5.6m²
  • Living/Dining/Kitchen: 32.9m²
  • Utility room + drying balcony: 7.3m²
  • Covered veranda: 18.7m²
Novaterra Product: Apartment 3 bedrooms
  • Total area: 139.5m²
  • Net internal area: 119.5m²
  • Master bedroom with bathroom: 23.3m²
  • Bedroom 2: 11.8m²
  • Bedroom 3: 9.8m²
  • Bathroom 2: 5.9m²
  • Living/Dining/Kitchen: 34.9m²
  • Utility room + drying balcony: 8.6m²
  • Covered veranda: 18.7m²

The Mango Village residences are connected to Beau Plan’s lake, offices, shops and leisure facilities by pedestrian walkways and cycling lanes; you could think of it as a village. A bustling village, nestled in lush greenery at the heart of a rich historical heritage.

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